Aircon Servicing

Air Condition Servicing

Most modern cars are fitted with an air conditioning, the manufactures state that the system will naturally loses up to 15% of its refrigerant gas every year. A poorly performing car aircon system can cause a build-up of bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator ducts causing a bad smell and sometimes an allergic reaction.

  • It is recommended you service your aircon system at least every two year
  • Protect yourself from bad smells, germs and hay fever allergies
  • Improve passenger comfort
  • Save £££’s in potential repair bills

Basic Aircon Regas: only £50

  • Initial system test
  • Recover any existing refrigerant from the system
  • Regas (recharge) A/C system with refrigerant to vehicle specific levels
  • Add A/C oil

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Full Aircon Service: only £65

  • Initial system test
  • Check system components such as hoses, belts, condenser,compressor, fans, electrics etc
  • Check internal system controls, flaps, heating etc
  • Recover any existing refrigerant from the system
  • Sanitize A/C system
  • Regas (recharge) A/C system with refrigerant to vehicle specific levels
  • Add A/C oil and leak detection dye
  • Leak test components
  • Full post re-gas system test
  • Update service records

Please Note: We add leak detection dye when servicing your aircon, this will save considerable diagnostic charges should you ever have a problem in the future.

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Pollen Filter Change: SAVE 25%

Your car is fitted with a micro pollen filter which filters which helps filter out dust and fumes entering the car. As part of the air conditioning service we offer a saving of 25% on having the pollen filter replaced.

  • Clean ventilation air in your cabin space
  • Inside of windscreen will stay cleaner for longer
  • Improved ventilation airflow
  • Less traffic fumes in the car
  • Less smells enter the car
  • Improved air conditioning performance
  • Improved windscreen demisting
  • Helps fight against allergies such as hayfever

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Sanitise Aircon System

If you don’t need a full aircon service but want your A/C system to smell fresh, this air-conditioning sanitiser uses a powerful anti-bacterial agent and odour neutraliser to destroy germs and bacteria that live in your cabin and build up in your air-conditioning and heating system. The service will leave your car smelling fresh, clean and free of bacteria and germs.

Cost £25.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to run my air conditioning

Turn the air conditioning on, ensuring that it's not set to 'economy' mode. When you first get into a hot car, open the windows, ensure that the air vents are set to face level and the system is set up to do the same, not pointed at your feet. Remember cold air falls. Turn the temperature to as low as it will go, and the blower as high as possible. Also make sure that the air is on 'recirc' mode and not taking air from outside. When the temperature is more comfortable, close the windows and increase the temperature to a more suitable level as well as decreasing the blower speed. You should also point the air vents upwards to ensure the cold air flows down again.

Why should I get my air conditioning serviced?

As previously mentioned, through non-use seals can seize. Your car manufacturer when they service your car only test to see if the air conditioning works, not that all the components are working properly and in full working condition. Regular air conditioning system servicing ensures the system is full of coolant, that their are now leaks, the pressure is correct and that the hoses, seals and pipes are all in full working order.

Why does my car need an air conditioning recharge?

Your air conditioning system can lose up to 15% of it's coolant every year, so a 3 year old car may have lost almost half it's coolant seriously impacting on the performance of the system and damaging the components involved. You should regularly have the air conditioning systems serviced to reduce wear and tear on the components and help avoid potentially big repair bills. We offer recharging and servicing.

Does A/C use more fuel?

The answer to this is 'yes' it does, but not by much. But then think of the alternatives. You could have the windows open but that would increase wind resistance which can add up to 10% to your fuel consumption, especially at speed. And don't forget the extra noise and pollution through that open window. Also, it's worth pointing out that you should run your air conditioning at least once a week, especially in winter as the seals can seize up through non use potentially costing you more in future in new parts and repair!!!

What causes the smell in my A/C system?

The origin of the smell is caused by fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator core. The moisture-laden environment is very conducive to the growth of these organisms. As automakers downsize components to save space and weight, this problem has been increased. Because the automakers made the evaporator smaller, they added more fins and packed them closer together to increase the efficiency of the evaporator. While this has made the evaporator more efficient, it has also made it more prone to trap moisture that contributes to the growth of these organisms. We offer a full odour removal service using the latest research, tools and equipment.

What are the benefits of air conditioning?

Efficient cool air in summer! Warm dehumidified air in winter easily demists steamed up windows! Filters pollutants / airborne particles inc pollen helping allergy sufferers! Pleasant and odour free vehicle atmosphere at all times.