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wheel alignment glasgow

Prestige Cars Specialists specialise in wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is suspension alignment as it involves fine-tuning the angles of the suspension system, so the wheels are literally pointed in the right direction. We have invested heavily in the very latest digital laser alignment equipment to realign your vehicle back to manufacturer specification, and we will provide you with a computer colour printout of your car’s alignment.

Wheel alignment should be checked when suspension parts are replaced, if there are obvious signs of misalignment (such as the steering wheel being cocked to one side when the vehicle is going straight or if the vehicle consistently pulls to one side) or in cases of uneven, rapid or severe tyre wear. In addition, alignment is advisable when tyres are replaced, if you’re spending money for new tyres, it makes sense to ensure that a misaligned suspension won’t shorten their lifespan and effectively saving you money in the long term.

wheel alignment glasgow

Wheel Tracking

There is a significant difference between basic tracking checks carried out by some high street tyre outlets and full specialist 4-wheel laser alignment/geometry adjustment. Tracking is an across the axle check of total toe. With the tracking gauges touching the edge of the wheel rim the operator peers through a 'scope' or views a light/laser beam on a scale. With no allowance for run out compensation the reading taken will at best be approximate. So, for tracking - we have one angle measured approximately. Four Wheel Alignment will give a minimum of 12 angles measured, all referenced to the car wheel centreline and displaying these alignment angles and comparing them to the factory alignment data. Allowance is made for wheel rim run-out. We will have accurate repeatable readings that will allow the full picture of how the vehicle drives and whether undue tyre wear will occur. Adjustment would involve the steering wheel being set straight and adjusting the individual toe to maintain a straight steering wheel while the car is driven.

In short, Prestige Car Specialists can save you money on tyres, improve your vehicle handling, increase tout MPG and keep your vehicle safe on the road.