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At Mercedes, BMW and Audi Independent we have the trained staff and expertise to work on all BMW cars from the versatile 1 series to the dynamic X series to the luxurious M series. We've grown to understand each model's quirks and characteristics and you can be confident that our workmanship will keep your BMW in top class condition. Our aim is to deliver a professional and efficient service that in our opinion exceeds the standards of any main dealer, at a fraction of the price. Our highly trained BMW technicians will use the latest workshop equipment and digital tools, to take care of your BMW regardless of its age, including vehicles within their manufacturer warranty.

bmw service glasgow

BMW Condition Based Servicing

Most BMW models now feature Condition Based Servicing (CBS), which replaces the older Inspection 1 & 2 style service system. CBS works by using sensors to constantly monitor driving style, cold starts, oil condition and parts subjected to wear. When the service component is no longer working at full efficiency it will alert the driver by lighting up the service symbol on the dashboard.

The driver is able to access this information using the on-board computer system. Your Service Consultant will assess this information in order to provide suitable service recommendations and costings.

bmw service glasgow

Air Conditioning

Over time air conditioning can become clogged up with fine particles and moisture meaning it cannot cool the car as it did when the car was new. It is important to maintain your car’s air conditioning regularly so that no excess strain is placed on the engine when it’s trying to keep the system running. Furthermore, poorly performing air conditioning can cause a build-up of bacteria and a bad smell. It is recommended you service your aircon system at least every two years so that you can:

  • Protect yourself from bad smells, germs and hay fever allergies
  • Improve passenger comfort
  • Save money in potential repair bills

We at Mercedes, BMW and Audi Independent are able to offer two levels of air conditioning servicing to meet your car needs. Call or email now to enquire more about this service and book.

bmw service glasgow

Brake Fluid

Overtime the brake fluid in your car becomes less effective. The braking system in your BMW contains complex parts that rely on brake fluid to perform their hydraulic tasks. Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture with age. This moisture in turn creates corrosion within internal brake components and decreases the boiling point of the brake fluid, thereby reducing braking effectiveness and increasing stopping distances. Therefore, a vital part of your BMW car maintenance is to change your brake fluid to ensure safety of brake components. BMW recommends your brake fluid is changed every 2 years.

bmw service glasgow

Your BMW Warranty

Your BMW manufacturer's warranty is protected with us.

European law, known as 'Block Exemption', changed in 2003 to allow independent garages to carry out a BMW service without invalidating your BMW warranty. As we use only high-quality parts which are either original manufacturer parts or of 'Original Equipment' (OE) quality as standard, your service with Mercedes, BMW and Audi Independent means that your car has its warranty protected.