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Ad Blue Replenishment

AdBlue is the German brand name for a clear, non-toxic—though slightly corrosive to some metals—aqueous urea solution used to treat exhaust gases on modern clean diesel engines. Used in conjunction with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) converter, AdBlue has a profound effect on otherwise difficult to control oxides of nitrogen (NOx) diesel emissions.

Under normal vehicle operating conditions, the AdBlue tank needs to be refilled only during regularly scheduled maintenance. Refilling the AdBlue should only be carried out through approved service centres.

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DPF Forced Regeneration

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot (some refer to them as soot traps) in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars. But because they only have a finite capacity, this trapped soot periodically has to be emptied or 'burned off' to regenerate the DPF. We at Mercedes, BMW and Audi Independent can clean blocked DPFs, in a process called forced regeneration.

Engine Oil Flush

As part of our service we will insert an engine flush which cleans all internal parts of the engine and the dirty deposits will be drained out with the old oil during the service.

  • Remove harmful deposits
  • Clear/quiet hydraulic valve lifters
  • Stabilise compressions
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce emissions and smoking
car servicing glasgow

Advanced Petrol Treatment & Fuel Cleaner

With increasing environmental awareness and tighter MOT emissions test regulations we recommend that at least one a year you clean your cars fuel system out. We use professional formulated cleaning agents for quick and efficient cleaning of the complete fuel system.

  • Remove gum, varnish and soft carbon deposits from entire fuel system
  • Unblock injectors by removing deposits
  • Remove moisture from the fuel system
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce exhaust smoke and emissions
car servicing glasgow

Advanced Diesel System Cleaner

  • Keep injectors and fuel filters clean and improve cold starting
  • Maintain correct atomization of fuel for maximum combustion efficiency
  • Reduce bacterial growth and promote oxidation stability
  • Improve fuel economy, reduce exhaust smoke and emissions

Vehicle Inspection

Buying the car of your dreams can turn out to be a very expensive and stressful nightmare. We offer this service for customers who would like an independent condition report prior to purchasing a car or when the warranty on their existing car is about to run out. Our full vehicle inspections can:

  • Give you peace of mind before your purchase
  • Help save money when negotiating the price of your new car
  • Make the most of the manufacturers/garage’s warranty before it runs out